Sight Power Inc is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with offices and development centers in Johannesburg, South Africa and Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The company was established by a group of businessmen, engineers, and scientists with practical experience in the development of analytical information and data modeling systems for mining and oil and gas industries, as well as in the design, assembly, and application of special C&I equipment. In addition, the team has significant experience developing decision support systems based on the monitoring and mathematical modeling of natural phenomena.

Sight Power founders and employees share a deep background performing specialized consulting services for global mining industry giants including De Beers, Nexen, Husky, Autodesk, Huber Energy, Shaft Sinkers, Metso Minerals, UralKaliy, EuroChem, Ukrainian State Oil and Gas Company and DMT, ALROSA.

Sight Power’s development is focused on the implementation of DIGITAL MINE™ technology solutions. DIGITAL MINE is a system for collecting and processing detailed information about all operations and work processes at the enterprise and combining this information with modeling, monitoring, and distributed sensor systems into a unified corporate solution, based on the flexible Geological & Mining Information Systems (GMIS): Mine Advisor™.

Mine Advisor provides flexible adaptation of existing GMIS tools to match the company’s processes rather than forcing companies to adapt their workflows to the tools as is required by most mining and geological packages.

Our approach brings automation to daily, routine operations for geologists, mining engineers, mine surveyors, and other specialists resulting in increased labor productivity and reduction in technical errors. The methods of network data exchange, provided by the Mine Advisor architecture, eliminate delays associated with the transfer of information between specialists and departments. It also can manage the interaction and data exchange within a single mine and between several mines of a mining company.

In addition to GMIS Mine Advisor, Sight Power’s custom services work with customers to develop integrated hardware and software solutions based on complex information analysis during the exploration, design and exploitation stages of mineral deposits development, and by combining geological and economic data analysis with environmental and safety requirements.

Sight Power developed the first automated monitoring system for mineshafts and transportation tunnels. The system consists of specialized mobile high-speed laser scanning, high-resolution digital photographic hardware and software and integrated AI elements for post-processing and analysis of captured data.

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