DIGITAL MINE™, a Spatial Enterprise System developed by Sight Power, is an information support system designed specifically for mining companies. Our software provides an enterprise-scale, 3D data integrated solution accessible to all stakeholders within a mining organization. The solution utilizes all available spatial data to provide efficient, optimized workflows at every stage of the mining operation.

DIGITAL MINE incorporates an extensive set of tools developed for intelligent geological modeling, mine design, planning and surveying (including LiDAR laser scanning technology) and general mining operational support. Our software provides secure, rapid access to a variety of datasets (spatial, operational, engineering, financial) and high-resolution data models for mining engineers, geologists, surveyors, mechanical and electrical engineers, geotechnical engineers, geophysicists, operational personnel, and managers. Our information workflow enables customers to use their spatial datasets more effectively (geological, geophysical, seismic, hydro-geological, GIS, etc.): engineering and surveying data (mining plans, mining equipment parameters, hoisting operational data, monitoring and dispatch data, etc.), geochemical data (ore samples and assay analysis) and financial elements. This ensures informed decisions, operational efficiency, risk mitigation, clear reporting, simplified document flow and ultimately, improved safety and increased profitable mining operations.

In addition to continuous informational support of mining operations, it is critically important to monitor, in real time, mining conditions as well as the operational status of essential mining equipment. This prevents hazardous situations such as subsidence, rock falls and rock bursts, sudden mud-rush or water inflows, gas emissions, etc. Mining companies currently use a variety of disparate monitoring systems rather than one integrated information support system.

DIGITAL MINE offers a holistic approach and integrates data streaming from any monitoring system into all mining operational processes and procedures.

Real-time information support of mine operations in a continuously changing environment is essential and requires engineers to analyze enormous volumes of spatial data. The problem is exacerbated by additional operational data, which is constantly arriving and updating, from various monitoring sensors. Big Data management is particularly challenging in mining.

Sight Power and DIGITAL MINE technology provides a complete and effective solution for Big Spatial Mining Data management. Customers receive up-to-date 3D models of the mine, 2D thematic maps and other associated information, in real-time from anywhere in the world.

DIGITAL MINE provides mine owners, and their personnel, with instant informational control and monitoring, of their mining projects and operational activities.

SightPower enterprise architecture Big Mining Data Processing SightPower Big Data visualization
SightPower enterprise architecture Big Mining Data Processing SightPower Big Data visualization

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